Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Diapering Challenges

I have been wanting for a long time to get back into cloth diapering.  I have so many cute reusable diapers.  I should not be throwing my money away on disposables.  

But I have been throwing that money away for a long time, because of all the chaos and turmoil in my life.  

What finally tipped the scales for me was the fact that...

You know what?   I'd better warn you that this post is going to talk about p o o a lot.  I know several of my readers who will want to stop right now.  Go ahead.  I'm not offended.  I will see you next post.  Love you!  Bye bye!

Okay.  For those who are still interested,  I was really sick of dealing with messy blowouts.  Cloth diapers rarely leak poo, but disposables do all the time.  When you have young twins you could be cleaning up messes and changing outfits multiple times a day.   And using a lot of Shout to hopefully, maybe get the stains out of all those adorable little outfits.

Cloth diapers do not leak poo, but they do leak pee.  If you do not change them often (every couple of hours) you will have a soggy-bottomed infant and you will need to change their outfit as well as their diaper.   When you are a busy mother of eight children and you have two infants, it is pretty common for more than a couple hours to go by between someone's diaper changes.  

Also many of my diapers are so old they are not fitting as well as they need to (worn elastic being the biggest culprit) and this can cause additional leaks.
So I have to change a lot of outfits. 

It's just pee, so no need for Shout, but it's still time-consuming.

One day after a week or so of cloth diapering, I was changing yet another outfit and I said to myself,  "are you insane?  Why are you doing this?   You have eight kids and you homeschool and you are trying to unpack and organize an entire household.   You should not be playing around with cloth diapers." 

So I put a disposable on whichever baby it was, and just a few minutes later she did her thing and the diaper leaked and there was poo everywhere (Huggies diaper, BTW.) 

And I yelled "arrrrrrgh!  I just can't win!"  And I went to get the Shout.  

And a cloth diaper. 

What I have decided to do for now is use disposables at night and when we go places like church.   I just use cloth at home during the day.  And I am only using cloth on the twins right now.  Prince Charming is in disposables.... I am not up for toilet scrubbing poo right now.  The twins are still exclusively breastfed, and all their diapers can be thrown directly into the washer... I am not sure how I will feel about this once they start eating other stuff and I have to take the time to scrub out their diapers in the toilet.   That kind of poo doesn't leak out of disposables as much, so maybe I will switch back at that point. 

I don't know though.  I get a little buzz every time I take a load of clean diapers out of the dryer, ready to be reused.  And the monetary savings could be significant with twins. 

I am wishing I had time to make some more diapers... I have a whole bunch of supplies, and I could sure use some replacements for some of my most-worn diapers. 

My sewing machine is out,  but so far all I have managed to do with it is sew some patches on my boys' scout uniforms.   I dream of happy hours hearing that lovely humming sound as I create amazing things...  if I do manage to get anything made, I promise I will post pictures!  

In the mean time, if I don't post much on here you will know it's because I am busy changing diapers. 

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Bethany C. said...

This post made me chuckle! I've never tried cloth diapering. Hopefully you find the happy medium you need. Blowouts are sooo frustrating. And they only seem to occur when you're ready to walk out the door and the baby is wearing their cutest, most priceless ensemble, right? Rrrrgghhhh.