Saturday, March 14, 2015

Three Months

I am a couple weeks late in posting this, but better late than never, right?  The twins hit three months old a couple of weeks ago.  They are just the sweetest, smiliest little babies.  And they are growing so fast!  Leaf keeps trying to sit up.  Both of them are teething (my kids cut teeth early; I honestly expect to see teeth any day now.)  They are sleeping quite well for me (thank heaven!)  Leaf is a couple pounds heavier than Twig, but Twig is definitely growing.  They are extremely content babies-- they know they are loved and they get held almost all the time.  I still have moments of "twin shock" (where I suddenly say "aaack!  there are two of them!") and it is still demanding and challenging trying to take care of two infants (on top of all my other kids!) but I am starting to get some twin mama confidence.  Outings and things are getting a little easier.  I was pretty much terrified to leave the house with them for the first two months or so.  I still don't take them many places because it's still flu season and thanks to my kind parents-in-law I can leave them home most of the time I go anywhere.  But now that the weather is warming up I have started taking them on walks and things and it's been good!