Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Rabbit's Birthday

My little Rabbit is now Seven years old.  She really is a delight.  She is extremely affectionate and loving.  She makes friends very easily.  She is very active, creative, and intelligent.  It seems like she is always moving and almost always humming or singing.  She loves to play with the twins.  She enjoys drawing and playing the piano.  She is a great companion to take with me on walks.  

For her birthday, we went to the aquarium.  We touched starfish and enjoyed watching sharks and eels and penguins and otters.  We had so much fun!  Thanks, Aunt Crocodile, for making the trip possible for us, and also for these wonderful pictures.  

Figuring out how to take my brood to the aquarium so that we could all have an enjoyable time and not be too stressed.... well, it took some planning.  You may notice that Prince Charming is not in any of these pictures.  That is because I left him with my mother.  Not having a two-year-old made everything so much easier.  With a leash for Peanut I only had to bring one stroller for the twins.  I fed the twins in the car right before we went in, and so they were good as gold in the stroller for over two hours.  Then since my sister was with me to supervise the older kids, I was able to slip into the mother's room and comfortably feed the twins.  We left not long after that and had a late lunch in the car before heading home.  It was a highly successful outing thanks to my sister's and my mom's help. 

I have to say something about Peanut's leash.  I have used leashes on my toddlers in busy public places like zoos over the years.  Some of my kids really hated them and would only tolerate them for a little while before pitching a huge fit.  Peanut loved wearing the leash.   She thought it was the bee's knees.  The only problem that we had with it was the older kids would argue about who got to hold the end of the leash.  "It's my turn now!  He's had it for ages!" etc.  Tedious, but also kind of funny.     

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