Friday, February 6, 2015

My 5K Goal

I set a goal this year to run a 5k race.  To many people that would not seem like a big deal at all but to me it is huge.  Running is not something that has ever been a part of my life, at least not in a positive way.   As a child, I was made to run in school and I hated it.  As a teen I was in such bad shape and so overweight that any form of exercising was abhorent.  But as an adult I became intrigued by runners and running: the health benefits are obvious and the mental/spiritual benefits are compelling.   I met several people over the years who were not thin or particularly athletic but who had run at least one 5k.  And I decided it sounded fun.  And I wanted to do one. 

Oh, but I was always in the middle of having a baby or moving or something.   So I kept saying "someday."  Now I have decided that "someday" is 2015.  I have until the end of the summer to complete my goal.

I have been going on walks every day, longer and longer ones.  Several days recently I have walked 5 kilometers on my afternoon walk.  So now I know I can at least walk it.   It takes me most of an hour, but I can do it.  Now I need to add in the running. 

The other day I came home from one of these 5k walks, feeling pumped up and energized, and I got on the computer and looked up 5k races that I might be able to sign up for.  There were a lot, and most of them sounded really fun!  I felt at that moment that I wanted to do them all.  And then graduate to 10ks.  And then half marathons.  

I had to remind myself that I hadn't even run one 5k yet and I have no idea if I will even like it.  I might do one and then say "okay, I did it, but I don't need to do it again." I might rather go back to walking or biking just for exercise. 

My visiting teachers came over that evening and I asked them if they ever ran 5ks or the like.  Marianne said she set a goal to run one once and then after she did it she didn't need to do any more... just like what I described in the last paragraph.  Karen, who is very physically active, said she runs all the time but doesn't run 5ks because she doesn't feel the need to pay money to run.  That made me chuckle-- she has a point! 

So we shall see if this ends up being a one-time thing or a new hobby.  For the time being, it is a wonderful motivator as I try to get back in shape after having twins. 


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

I ran my first 5K as a way to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was fun! I want to run another one this year . . . we'll see if I can train for one before the summer heat sets in. I'd love to use 5K training to help me get rid of pregnancy weight.

Bethany C. said...

Wow. What an awesome goal. I am not a runner myself, but I've always looked at those who are with a degree of respect, as well as a bit of disbelief! Sometimes I think people must be crazy to want to "pay to run"! But I definitely have experienced the rush of having accomplished what seemed to be an impossible task, and a 5K would fall into this category. So, I guess it's not TOO crazy ;)
You can do it!!