Tuesday, February 24, 2015


February has been a busy month at our house.  

First, Roo had a birthday.  It was on a Sunday, and because the Badger was probably going to be leaving soon we decided to have the twins' baby blessing that day.  Even on such short notice we had quite a few family members that came, and we had them all over to our house afterwards for way too much food, including Roo Birthday Cake.  That made for a very busy but very very wonderful day.  

I really don't know how to put into words the feeling in my heart during the baby blessings.  To look around the chapel and see several pews worth of dear family members who were so happy to be there and then to hear such beautiful blessings pronounced upon my two sweet daughters... my heart was full.  Family really is what it's all about.

Here are a couple of pictures of the twins in their special blessing dresses.  Leaf wore the beautiful handmade dress that each of my older three daughters wore.  It was a gift for my sister's daughter from a generous friend who was a genius with smocking.  My sister passed it on to me and I have loved having each of my daughters wear it in turn.  Then for Twig I was able to borrow a dress from the Badger's sister that her daughters wore.  It was made by another of the Badger's sisters who is a very talented clothing designer.  Both of the dresses were gorgeous, meaningful, and completely different style-wise, which I thought was perfect.  

Roo was thrilled to have so many people over to celebrate her birthday.  The house was packed with cousins, and it was fun to have both sides of the family together.  Here are some pictures that my sister Crocodile took:

Me and my two sisters with the twins.

Everyone was excited about the cake!

Roo had a big audience when she opened her presents.  Money is tight so she didn't get anything fancy, but she was thrilled anyway.  

Little kiddos everywhere!  They had so much fun.  

I absolutely love this candid shot of me talking to my older brother out on the deck.  (The day was gorgeous and unseasonably warm.)

And I also love this shot of my sister with Twig.  

I think I will share the Rabbit's birthday pictures in a separate post.  Which I will hopefully write tomorrow and not three weeks from now.  

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