Sunday, February 1, 2015

Homeschool at its Best

Wouldn't you like to go to school sprawled out in front of a nice cozy wood fire?  My kids have it so good!

The January Halfway Challenge was a great success.  Roo earned all possible prizes, Bean and Fish earned most of theirs, and even the Rabbit earned some.  I have such a hard time motivating that Rabbit of mine to do her school work.  All month I kept trying to get her to work on her math and she would do just a little bit and then go run off to play.  But at the very end of the month she realized she wanted her prize.  She finished her last math page at 9:15 last night.  

So now we are not behind in a number of things including math and most of the kids' language and the younger kids' history.  Bean is still behind in a few things like history and grammar, but he has made good progress and thanks to the January challenge I don't feel so far behind that we'll never catch up.  We will have to keep doing a few subjects through the summer, but only just a few.  

We still haven't added spelling back in since the twins were born.  The reason is that it is the most time-intensive for me, and thinking about it is a little overwhelming right now.  But we need to get back to that because all of my kids need a lot of help with spelling and I really love the way All About Spelling teaches them what they need to know.  So we need to get back on track with that.  

We also have dropped all our "secondary subjects" except History.  We haven't done anything like science, government, art, or music.  I have a plan for that though.  I liked the way we were really focused in January with a month-long goal.  So we are going to make one of these subjects a focus each month for the next few months.  In February we are going to go through the books on government I bought that I originally had planned to do in little bits throughout the year.  Another month we will do an art lesson and project every day instead of one a week (that will be when I can get the art stuff out of storage!)  We will probably work on science during the summer when we have less other things like math to do.  I love our science curriculum, but there's a lot to it and since science isn't my favorite subject overall, it tends to take a lot of my mental energy just to tackle it.  So if we have less on our plate overall I won't be overwhelmed, and if we are doing it every day for a month I will have the momentum to keep going.  

The reward for the kids was book and a candy bar of their choice.  I had bought a box of Usborne books awhile ago and forgot about them, and when I remembered them they were the perfect thing to give out as rewards.  But they weren't exciting enough by themselves, so I added in the candy to really make the kids excited.  Most of them picked a bag of Lindt truffles for their prize.  

Ah, the luxurious life of a homeschooler!

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MKMT said...

One of these days, may I request a series on curriculum you like and why? I'd love your insights. And the pictures of these DARLING kids.