Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Changes Ahead

A lot has been happening around here and I have been very busy but things have finally calmed down to the point where I can update my blog.  

The Badger has a new job!  It is such a good job for him and it is a stable job that he could stay at forever.  We have so been wanting to settle down and stop this madness of moving every couple of years, so we're excited about that.  It's just that we wanted to settle down near our family and the mountains-- so, somewhere out west.  This awesome job is in Kansas.  

Yes, we have lived in Kansas before.  So we know about all the good things there, as well as the mighty fine people.  That makes this transition a lot easier.  Lots of people are very excited to see us again, and we're excited to see them!  

I won't deny that I had a hard time with this for the first little while, since I have so loved being here near my family and I was hoping to make that permanent (especially since the first job offer the Badger received was in Idaho-- the location was perfect, but the job had some serious concerns so we turned it down.)  I prayed that I would be able to see the good in moving back to Kansas and I started counting my blessings.  It still took a few days to turn my thinking around.  My internal conversations with myself went like this:  "Okay... good things about Kansas... We get to hang out with my awesome cousins a lot and there's that really neat museum and... oh, grrrr!  Why did it have to be so far away?  This is awful!  No, it's not awful, it's wonderful, dang it!  We're going to be happy there.  But it's so flaaaaaat!  Waaaah!"  Etc. 

But then once the Badger got there to start training and that was going well, and then people started to say "yay! Birrd is coming back!" and then we lined up a house that I am going to love living in and now I am really excited for real.  

It's going to be fabulous, people.  Really.  There will even be fireflies.  

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Bethany C. said...

Ahhh, fireflies. That IS something to be excited about. I'm from Indiana. I miss those firefly-filled Summer evenings.