Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Morning

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Utah and I feel like posting some random thoughts and updates. 

I got a decent amount of sleep last night.   The babies have both been sleeping from 11 pm to 3 or 4 am for a couple of weeks now,  but now they are slowly getting better at eating efficiently and going back to sleep for another good stretch after that.  We are on our way to a good routine. 

I like routines.  I like order.  I like making order out of chaos.  I crave being able to make the world a more happy and beautiful place by making order out of chaos, by creating.  Joy comes through creation. 

I am aching to have my sewing machine out again and to have time to play with it.  I have to keep telling myself to be patient, that there will be plenty of time for that eventually.  In the mean time, my time is almost completely consumed with a most important job. 

Today I will just go to Sacrament Meeting and the Badger will stay home with the twins and a couple other kids who have caught a virus.  It is nice that we live so close to the church that I can leave the babies for an hour and know that if they really need me I can be reached via text and then quietly slip out of the meeting and be home in two minutes.  

I am so not ready to take the twins to church.  I use the excuse that RSV and influenza are raging around here at the moment, but my kids bring germs home so that's just an excuse.  I really can't handle the idea of trying to get everyone ready and out the door with tiny twins in the mix.  When they are a little older and less unpredictable it won't seem so daunting.   In the mean time, we take turns going to church and staying home with the twins.  

Our halfway challenge for homeschool is going pretty well.  Three or four awards have been earned.  We are on track to earn several more, but not quite as many as we could or perhaps I would like... some kids are still having trouble being motivated on some subjects. I am particularly having trouble getting the Rabbit to do much school work at all. Since she is only six years old I am not too worried about it but I want her to do some, so I do what I can.  

We are still not carrying a full load of school work.  I was thinking we were doing pretty well (and we sure are plenty busy!) until I saw the full schedule I made up last fall.  There are still quite a few things we are not doing, though most of them are what I call secondary subjects like art and civics.   We have added history back in for Fish and Roo, though my grand plans for all the fun projects in the curriculum are just dreams at this point.  We enjoy the reading and the map work and coloring pages.  I will probably add Bean's history back in this coming week.  

There is indication, however, that our lives may take another sudden turn sometime soon.  The Badger has some interesting job prospects.   That is all I will say for now except to say that this is all the more reason for us to reach those halfway goals in homeschool.... if we have another moving break in February it would be good if we weren't too far behind going into it. 

I am glad it is a nice mild sunny day.  It will make for a very pleasant afternoon walk.  I have been very much enjoying my daily walks, and I am up to going at least a mile and a half each day, if not more.  It feels so, so good. 

It may be a constant fight, but I am determined to become the person I know I can become.  

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

What a treat to be sleeping 4-5 hours at a stretch! I'm glad you're finding your way. :) Wishing your sick kids (and the whole family) good health!