Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pathway Readers

This year we are using Pathway readers for our homeschool.   I have really been liking them.   

In the past I haven't used readers; I figured just checking out lots of books from the library and having the kids read a lot would be sufficient.   But this year I decided to buy these, maybe because I thought it would be a good idea if we were going back and forth between public school and homeschool.   I don't know if that really makes any sense,  but anyway, I bought them and I am glad I did.   

Pathway readers are used by Amish schools.  The books are simple, with black and white drawings, and this simplicity makes them very affordable.   But the stories are interesting and full of the good old fashioned values you'd expect from the Amish.  

The Rabbit has done great with the first grade readers.  They have been perfect for her.  She really enjoys the stories about the children in an Amish family and their pets.  

Roo enjoys hers too.  Yesterday she read me a couple of poems out of it that she liked.  In the past she has memorized a couple of them, completely of her own volition.   

Fish is the only kid that doesn't like them, to be honest.   He doesn't hate them, but recently he groaned when I told him to read, saying grumpily, "all the stories have a lesson."  Yes, Fish, that's kind of the point.  They teach good values and strong character.   

This is evidenced by an experience I had with Bean yesterday that made me very happy.   I was sitting in the living room rocking a baby after dinner when he came in, cleared his throat, and began to read a poem from a sheet of computer paper.  It was Edgar A. Guest's "It Couldn't Be Done" and he read it with great relish.  When he was finished I asked him where he had gotten it.  He told me he had read it in his Pathway reader and he had liked it so much he had gone and typed it up on the computer (?!!??!!?!) "I'm going to memorize it!" he told me with enthusiasm.   I was thrilled.  This is not exactly typical Bean behavior.   Thank you, Pathway reader!   

I intend to purchase the entire set.  I think they will be a valuable addition to our homeschool library.   

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