Monday, January 26, 2015

An Ordinary Day

Every evening my phone reminds me to write in my diary app, so I write a brief summary of my day.  Lately it seems that most of my days are pretty much the same: breakfast, homeschool, lunch, nap, walk, dinner, bedtime.  Today was one of those very ordinary, yet very lovely days.  I thought I would post what I wrote in my Diaro app this evening, with a little more detail added:

It was a beautiful sunny day today with mild temperatures in the 50s.  Only an inversion to spoil things: the air looks terrible.   My dad found out this morning that he has pneumonia again, and the doctor told him not to go out of the house unless he has to until the air clears up.

I am walking about two miles now.  I love my afternoon walks.  Today the Badger went with me and we had a good talk. 

Homeschool keeps getting started late and then spilling over into the afternoon and evening.   I don't like that.  I do not like trying to correct Bean's grammar workbook and find Fish's missing language book while trying to put the little kids to bed.  But until I can get up early myself I may be stuck with the situation.   And until the babies are letting me sleep well at night I will continue to sleep in as late as I need to in the morning.  I am grateful for the extra help I am getting while we are living here that allows me to do this. 

I was able to get out for an hour and run a few errands late this afternoon.   I went to the bank and the post office and the grocery store.  Woo hoo!  I took Roo and Rabbit with me.  We bought several rewards for halfway prizes for homeschool, some of which have been earned and some of which are about to be earned, and nearly all of which were Lindt chocolate (I am glad my kids have good taste!)  We also bought some supplies for the Japanese dinner we're going to make soon to supplement learning about Japan in our history curriculum.   I still need to go to two other stores though to get the stuff I need and I wonder if I can pull this off... am I being too ambitious?  I figure we have to have dinner anyway though. 

Bean burritos for dinner tonight, and I didn't help much.  The Badger made homemade tortillas with part cornmeal.   They were delicious but fell apart more easily than the regular flour tortillas we usually make. 

We actually had one of our better family home evenings.  Roo had an activity from her scripture curriculum where we had to guess the character from the New Testament.   Everyone really got into it.  There might be hope for our family home evenings after all, though the little kids still seem to think it's the time to be as disruptive as possible.   I need to work on teaching them to sit still and listen.  

I am lying here in bed with Prince Charming, who is playing with my hair.  He used to do that all the time: it was his self-soothing technique to get himself to sleep.   But after we moved here he stopped and for several weeks he has not been very close to me.  This is the first time he has played with my hair in ages.  I like it.  I hope this means he's getting over the disruptions that have happened in his life as of late.  I hope he knows how much we all love him, even with baby twins around taking up so much of our attention.  

Thank goodness for ordinary days.  What a blessing they are.  I have a lot to be grateful for right now. 

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