Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Goals

I like setting goals.  I think I am pretty good at setting realistic ones that I can actually follow through on.   

This year it's a little tricky trying to set goals because I don't know when we will be moving and where we will be living and what life will be like there.  

So my goals this year are mostly focused on me, on things I can do for myself no matter where I am and how chaotic things are around me.  

My main goal is to lose 50 pounds.  I am going to do this by limiting my sugar intake to one treat per week, reducing my portions of carbs, and exercising five times per week.  

My second goal goes along with the exercise: to complete a 5K by the end of the summer.  I know a 5K isn't much for a lot of people but it's huge for me because I have never been in very good shape.  However, over the last few weeks I have been enjoying a walk every afternoon and each day I walk a little further and faster.  I went nearly 2 miles today and it felt great.  So I think the 5K is a good goal for me.  

I also am setting a goal to help my kids develop healthy habits.  I want to do the 28 day goal plan with them again.  

I also want to make sure the kids are progressing with things like the Faith in God booklets and scouting.   I came up with a brilliant idea for that awhile back and it worked great until I got pregnant and everything crashed and burned.  I think I will write about it in another blog post.  

I will continue my habits of daily prayer and scriptures.  I am sure I will get all the way through the Book of Mormon at least once, even with the tiny amounts of time I have most days for personal study.

My last goal is to cut back on my use of social media.  I spent an appalling amount of time on Facebook and Pinterest last year because I was in bed feeling horrid and couldn't do much else. But it wasn't setting a good example to my children, nor was it terribly productive (though I try to use Facebook as productively as possible.)  So I am committing to not get on Facebook,  Feedly, or Pinterest on weekdays from when the kids get up until after my nap. Hopefully this will cause me to be more present for them, especially during homeschool time.  

I am excited about my goals.  I am excited to be able to tackle life again after all those months of  just trying to survive.  Great things are going to happen!

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