Monday, December 22, 2014

Weight Check

I am pleased to report the results of the twins' weight check at the doctor today:

Little A weighed in at 2 oz over her birth weight.  Yaaaay!

Little B came up just one ounce short of birth weight, but that was close enough that the doctor says we don't need to do any more weight checks.  Yaaaaaay!

I have been supplementing them with some of my own milk I froze early this year.  They started out taking an extra 5-6 oz a day (both together) but are now down to maybe 2-3 oz extra each day, which isn't much.  Just a little boost in the evening when they get really hungry before bedtime and I don't seem to have quite enough.  The frozen milk is just about gone now, and as soon as it is I am hoping we can just stop supplementing.  I bought a can of formula but maybe I won't even have to open it.

Before they were born I never doubted at all that I would be able to produce enough milk to feed two babies.  Then at their 2 week check when they had lost so much weight I seriously doubted myself.  I'd like to thank all the people who have been encouraging me during these last few weeks, especially Aunt Tofu and my lactation expert friend Michele.  It's amazing what a lifeline it can be when you hear someone say "you're doing fine, you can do this, don't worry."

And taking fenugreek capsules makes you smell like maple syrup.  Who knew?

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