Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had such a nice Christmas this year.  Money being super tight, I wasn't sure how it would go.  Then a kind family member gave us some cash, and with some little bits of money from things like credit card rewards and car insurance rebates we had enough to get everyone a couple of modestly priced presents.  I was worried that the kids would be disappointed since the presents weren't as fancy as usual, but I needn't have worried.  They were thrilled with everything and Christmas was just as magical and wonderful as it always has been.  

Christmas Eve the Badger cooked a turkey and we had a nice family dinner.  

There were several traditional expenditures that I cut out this year since money was limited, such as Schleich plastic figures in everyone's stockings.  New pajamas was something I considered cutting out, but most of the kids needed new pajamas anyway.  I got really lucky: on the one brief shopping trip I was able to go on in between twin feedings I was able to find really nice pajamas for all the kids for a really good price.  I made a quick stop at Gymboree because I like their quality and styles but they are usually too expensive.  I just thought I would look-- maybe they had something on clearance-- and they had all their pajamas on sale for $10, which was my budgeted amount.  So my little kids got adorable Gymboree pajamas, which made me so happy.  I love kids in cute new pajamas on Christmas Eve:

Christmas morning brought many surprises.  My sister Pineapple had our name from my extended family (we take turns) and she found all these adorable plush dolls and animals at Ikea for everyone, including a badger for the Badger!  It was his favorite present.   

Peanut got a Little Red Riding Hood doll from Ikea.

This was one of the sweetest moments Christmas morning.  I had bought Peanut a ballerina doll, which is not something she had ever seen before or even been aware of to my knowledge.  When she opened it, she said softly, "ohhhh... it's my ballet doll!  I dreamed about my ballet doll."  She was so happy with her ballet doll and I was happy too.

Bean got the book he wanted (thanks, Pineapple!)

Here's happy Roo.

Here's happy Prince Charming.  You can see we had a lot of food items-- we evened wrapped a box of cold cereal for each kid so they would have more to open.

Here's Fish with all his presents except his Nerf gun.

Both boys got Nerf guns.  They have been wanting them for years, so they forgot all about the expensive electronic items they had been wanting and were just happy.  They have been having a great time with those guns.

And the last present to appear was the dollhouses.  I bought these used--cheap-- from's online classifieds.  

Six years ago, when we were living in Kansas, a friend of mine gave me all her daughter's old Fisher Price dollhouse stuff: two big dollhouses and a huge box of dolls and furniture.  We gave it to Roo for Christmas that year.  For years afterwards it was the girls' favorite toy-- they played dollhouse for untold hours.  When we left Oklahoma two years ago we had to get rid of the two big dollhouses because we didn't have room and they were pretty beat up at that point.  We kept all the dolls and furniture, but it just wasn't the same.  So I was very happy to find these dollhouses, one of which is just like one of the old ones we had.  And the kids were pretty happy too.  

Oh, and in the corner of that last picture you can see the beautiful blue and white blanket that my sister found for me.  I was utterly delighted with it.  My other two presents were blue as well:  a pair of socks from my in-laws and a blue stoneware casserole dish from the Badger.  I was thrilled with all of my Christmas presents-- I wasn't really expecting much for myself, so I was surprised and pleased.  

It really was a wonderful Christmas.  

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Bethany C. said...

"I dreamed about my Ballet Doll"... how precious! What wonderful memories.