Saturday, December 20, 2014

Changing Faces

The babies' faces seem to change a little every day.  They look more and more different from each other as well.  And they also get more alert all the time, which is very cute.  I have resolved to take more pictures of them.  However, with twins, one tends to want to take pictures of the two of them together, and it is rare that they are both in the mood to be photographed.  

Today when I got out my camera after a feeding session baby A was was happy and alert, but B decided it was time to suck on her binky and doze off.  

I told B she could be binky-less and make a pleasant face for me for just a few moments but she didn't believe me.  

So I gave her back the binky, but those big green binkies really detract from a photo, you know?

So I decided to take some pictures of just A.  Isn't she beautiful?  She really does have quite a bit more hair than B, just like the ultrasound tech predicted.  It didn't look like it when they were first born, for some reason, but it sure is obvious now.  

Then B decided maybe she was game for a couple of photos, so we tried again.

And here is a picture I took of B by herself later.  

(I have not yet come up with good nicknames for them... so they will have to be A and B for awhile.)

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Melissa said...

I think their nicknames should start with A and B. :)