Thursday, December 4, 2014

Birth Story

On Tuesday afternoon, November 25, I went for a routine non-stress test at the maternal fetal medicine office at the hospital.   At this visit my blood pressure was still up and Baby B's heart rate indicated possible distress.  The specialist talked to the Badger and I and recommended I be induced that evening.  My OB and I had decided the day before that we could probably put off induction another week, but as the specialist was talking to us the Badger and I looked at each other and both felt strongly that this was what we needed to do. 

We checked into the hospital about an hour and a half later.  I had been holding out a little hope that I could somehow go through this whole process in my usual unmedicated way, but at this point I realized it was all or nothing and it was time to let the hospital team's well-oiled machine do their thing for the best good of both myself and the twins.  So at 7:45 they started pitocin and shortly after that I got my first ever epidural.   At 10:15 the doctor came and broke my water. 

At 11:45 they were wheeling me into the operating room... babies were imminent.   (It is standard procedure most places to deliver twins in the OR just in case an emergency c-section is needed, especially with Baby B, who is usually trickier and often does have problems.  This is also why they really really like you to have an epidural when you deliver twins.  I got this same story from both the clinics I was with before I moved, as well.)

My doctor was someone who really had a lot of upbeat,  positive vibes.  And there was an almost festive feeling among the medical team.   So when I said "I wonder if I could deliver one before and one after midnight so they have different birthdays" he and the entire team of nurses etc. latched on to this idea and said "I bet we can do that!"

So, Baby A was born smoothly at 11:54 pm.  Baby B moved right into place.  The nurses watched the clock and the doctor held off breaking B's water and having me push until just before midnight.  She was born at 12:01 am.  Everyone was tickled that we pulled it off. 

Baby B did need a little bit of help from the respiratory specialist, but they quickly got her all fixed up.  We can't help but wonder if she was running out of time.  Perhaps if we had waited longer to induce she might have had significant difficulties.   We will never know for sure, but we do know that we felt the hand of the Lord guiding all of us and we are so grateful for how everything turned out!


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Two different birthdays! That's hilarious!!

I'm ever so glad they're both safe and healthy. I think they're miracles.

Bethany C. said...

This makes me so happy! Good job, Mom!