Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wee Little Man

I am lying here snuggling Prince Charming, who has one of those viruses where they're mostly fine during the day-- maybe a little runny nose-- and then at night it flares up bad.  He was coughing terribly and tossing and turning so the Badger and I got up a few minutes ago and pulled out all the natural supportive care we have on hand.  We've got cut onions in bowls near him, essential oils both being diffused and applied topically, and we gave him a bit of diluted apple cider vinegar mixed with honey.  His coughing is easing up now, he is settling down, and my poor tired Badger is sleeping deeply.  

I can't sleep anyway at the moment, so I will take this chance to blog.  I have been meaning to write a post about Prince Charming, who is still my youngest baby at the moment but soon won't be.  That is always a bittersweet thing. 

He will turn two in a couple of weeks and while he has grown a lot lately (both physically and developmentally) he is still very much my snuggly little baby boy.   Oh, how tightly he hugs me and clutches at my neck and hair with his chubby little hands. 

I have never had an almost-two-year-old like Prince Charming.  He is very observant, has a sense of how things should be, and likes to put things to rights.  If he sees the bathroom door open he will usually shut it.  He will put an entire set of toys (say, a bucket of blocks) away by himself.  And he is the first kid I have had at this age who actually wants me to put his shoes and socks on him and then leaves them on.  All my other toddlers were constantly ripping off their shoes and socks and throwing them.  He did a bit of that too when he was younger but now he loves to have them on.  He also will bring me a diaper and the wipes container when he thinks he needs a change.   Sometimes he will bring me fresh clothes too and indicate to me that he wants those changed as well. 

His verbal skills are developing rapidly and it is so fun to hear him say new words (or old words more clearly) every day.  My mother in law points out that he is a very vocal child who likes to make his voice heard.  She's right and I honestly did not notice because I am so used to so many noisy little voices around me all the time.  But he does love to sing and jabber, especially when others are talking,  as if he wants to be a part of the conversation too.  Whenever we have prayers he kneels and folds his arms and says his own prayer right along with whoever is saying the prayer. 

In a new situation he will be very quiet and still and just hang back and watch for as much as an hour, especially if he's tired.  My father thinks he is the best-behaved tot in the world because the one Sunday I went to Sacrament Meeting with them Prince Charming sat perfectly still and quiet on whoever's lap for the entire 70-minute meeting.  It was just that he was processing the new surroundings and next time we go I am sure he will squirm some and make some noise.

You get him going in a place where he is comfortable and he is a normal active, noisy, and playful toddler.  He often fights with Peanut over toys and he can be messy and destructive just like any little kid.  He gets into things and climbs on things and all that at times.  But he is not hyperactive or really high-maintenance or terribly difficult to handle.  He is usually good-natured and fairly tractable-- often when you tell him no he will actually stop, which never happened with some of my toddlers.

I enjoy him so much and I love watching his fuzzy little blond head toddling about the house and hearing his little giggle.  I love watching how much he loves and cares about the other members of the family.  I love hearing the Badger call him "buddy" and seeing how happily he goes to his dad (often lately he prefers him to me.)  I love it that he and Bean are best friends.  I love it that even though he and Peanut fight a lot I can tell he cares about her. 

I just can't believe how blessed we were to get such a sweet, fun, happy little boy.  And even though I will soon have both arms full of babies he will still be my baby boy. 

He is sleeping peacefully now and he hasn't coughed in a long time.  All that stuff we did worked, and I'm glad.  I am grateful to have the ability to be able to take care of my wee little man. 

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Bethany C. said...

So sweet. I can echo all your thoughts about my own "wee little man" who will also be turning 2 once his younger sibling arrives!