Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It was my intention to enroll the kids in school as soon as we got here to Utah.   There were two big reasons.  The first was that my health and energy are minimal for the next few weeks after which I will be taking care of twins.   The second reason was a courtesy to my in-laws.   They are being so kind to let us live here even though it's not easy for them.  Having all the children home all day just seemed like an extra burden they shouldn't have to deal with. 
When we got here, I started looking into school enrollment.   There was a charter school to investigate as well as the local public school, which friends said was very good.  But every time I tried to get the school thing going it just didn't feel good.  It was like a dark cloud came over every time I tried to fill out paperwork or anything. 
I persisted-- homeschool was unthinkable.  I explored every option: online school through the public schools,  sending some to school and keeping some home, etc.  But nothing felt right. 
So I started thinking "how can I pull off homeschooling?"  I decided that if I pared things down to the basics and cut out the secondary subjects I could handle that.  My sister, a Humanities professor, agreed to do some field trips and enrichment activities for our history curriculum.   My mom agreed to do some craft projects with the girls. 
I realized too, that even though I am pretty much non-functional when it comes to getting up and doing things, I can direct homeschool efforts while sitting or lying in bed.  I'm going to be lying in bed anyway, I might as well be teaching the children.  
And honestly,  it's a ton of work having kids in public school.  Getting them up, fed and dressed appropriately,  and out the door on time is no small task and it doesn't back off for a mom who might be having an extra bad morning and can't pull it off.  Every evening is filled up with a flurry of homework and reading logs and permission slips.   It's truly easier for me to not have to keep up with an institution right now. 
When I finally decided for sure to homeschool them, there was this beautiful peace that came over me.  I am so grateful to have them near me all day.  It just feels right at this time, though it isn't always easy.  And I do worry about the extra burden on my in-laws... I hope they are not going to snap one one of these days and end up in the loony bin. 
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for putting up with this.  I don't exactly understand why, but it's the right thing to do right now. 

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Hurrah for the power of prayer and personal revelation! Wouldn't it be hard to make decisions without them? I wish you all joy in this season!