Monday, November 3, 2014

Hail, November!

I am so glad that November is here!  It is one of my favorite months of the year.  There will be chilly weather and golden sunlight and fires in the fireplace and Thanksgiving (my favorite!) and by the end of the month I will probably be snuggling two little babies!

I had a bad cold over the weekend.  It was hard to know where the misery from the cold ended and the misery from the pregnancy began.  But since I am already down resting most of the time life wasn't that different.   The cold is going away now but I am still uncomfortable and struggling physically.  

However, I finally feel like the end is in sight!   34 weeks today.  At the rural hospital I was being seen at before we moved, 35 weeks was the cutoff point for not having to transfer me to the city, meaning that the babies would probably not need a serious NICU after 35 weeks.  36 weeks was what the perinatologist said was average for twins.  37 weeks is what's considered full-term for singletons.   38 weeks is what they don't really want me to go past.  All these milestones just around the corner!  I can  do this!  It will end soon!

It's funny how just a few months ago I was so busy my head was spinning.  Every day was go go go from early until late, and I was concerned about the things I wasn't getting done.  Pretty normal for a mother of a large family, I'd say.  And now so often I watch the days just drag by... is it over yet?  Especially days like yesterday where we all stayed home from church sick and there was nothing going on all day.  The kids got stir-crazy and three of the four adults in the house were too sick to do much.  Thanks to my mother-in-law the kids were fed.  Mom Badger has already earned her sainthood and the fun is just beginning.   I hope she survives this ordeal.   I hope we all do. 

But the promise of crackling fires on cold nights and maybe some cinnamon-y baking is sure doing a lot to lift my spirits!  Happy November,  everyone!

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Frances Robbins said...

Yay November! You can do it Sarah!! :)