Saturday, November 8, 2014

Getting Ready

This last week I went through the three plastic storage tubs I had that said "baby girl" on them, stuff I saved after I had Peanut and knew I'd have more girls someday.  I pulled out size Newborn and size 0-3 Months clothes as well as burp cloths, receiving blankets, and other newborn must-haves.  I washed it all and put it away in the babies' dresser.  (Yes, that was a lot of work for me!)  

This dresser... it's the only dresser we have that has made it through all our moves since Idaho.  There are two reasons.  The first is that it is the perfect size and shape for a changing table and the drawers are configured wonderfully for baby gear.  The other reason is that it's something like 80 or 90 years old and a family heirloom.  It shows its age, doesn't it?  It's way beat-up, but in kind of a shabby chic way,  I think.  

When we had Bean my brother gave us their old changing table, which was one of those particle board/laminate things you buy at Walmart.  It did fine until we moved and it fell apart, so when we were expecting Fish we were looking for something.  My sweet aunt, whom we lived near to while we lived in Idaho, offered us this dresser.  Not only did all five of her daughters use it growing up, but she, the youngest in her family, used it growing up after inheriting it from all her older sisters, who all used it growing up back in the 1930's and maybe the 1920's.  They build furniture to last back then.  Anyway, Aunt Diane was happy to let us have it, but because of her sentimental attachment she asked us to please take care of it and eventually someday get it back to either her or one of her daughters.  I intend to do that eventually but in the mean time it has been so perfect as a baby dresser and I am very glad that I still have it at this point.  

So anyway, I've got the dresser (we just have to figure out somewhere else to put the Badger's stuff he's been keeping on top of it.)  And it looks to me like I have enough clothes for newborns, though I might be underestimating how many clothes two babies will go through.  But there's a lot in there, more than I realized I had kept.  I have plenty of burp cloths, receiving blankets, flannel blankets, hooded towels, socks, hats, swaddle wraps, etc.  I think we'll do just fine keeping them dressed and warm for the first little while at least.

The Badger went down to the storage unit and found our infant car seat, so my next job is to disassemble it and clean it well.  We ordered another carseat from Amazon which will be here soon.  The Badger and others around here seem to think (or just really really hope) that I will deliver sooner rather than later and there is kind of an anxious feeling of "we need to be ready because Birrd could pop at any moment!"  The car seats were the most critical matter since they won't let you leave the hospital without one (or two, in this case!) so it's good we're getting that taken care of right away.  The rest of the stuff we can figure out later if we need to.  

Though I think we'll have plenty of time before they come.  Yes, I do look and feel like I am about to burst open at any moment, but I have never been one to go early with my babies, so just because I am about to hit 35 weeks does not mean that labor is imminent.  Though I must say that I wish it was... 

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Such an exciting time for you!!! I hope all goes well.