Saturday, November 1, 2014

Costumes 2014

The bucket of Halloween costumes ended up here at the house somehow, and we had a pretty good selection to work with when it was time to dress up for the church party.  Bean wore the medieval woodsman costume I made for the Badger 3 years ago (how does it fit him?) along with a nice cape borrowed from Aunt Crocodile.  Fish, who scuttled off before we could take pictures, put together his own ninja costume.  Roo borrowed a nifty outfit from her cousin.  The Rabbit wore the poodle skirt I made her last year for school.  Peanut wore the Austrian dirndl I made for the Rabbit three years ago when she was so obsessed with The Sound of Music.   We had several cute options for Prince Charming: a bee costume, a penguin chick costume, a frog costume... but he would howl and thrash and pull at the hoods when I tired to dress him.  Finally we coaxed him into the lion costume he wore last year, which was brilliantly hand-made by my sister-in-law years ago and has been a toddler stand-by for us for years.  It's always a hit.  

And me... I wasn't going to wear anything.  I wasn't even going to go.  But I was looking through the costume bucket and there was this pumpkin outfit  (also made by my sister-in-law years ago) and I put it on just to be silly.  It fit just right over my belly.  Then I decided that if I was going to be miserable and uncomfortable at home I might as well go be miserable and uncomfortable at the party.  So I went, and we all had a lovely time.  It was a fun event with very little creep factor and a nice sense of community.  Plus, the weather was absolutely perfect for having everything outside.  

(And I took the pumpkin hood off after this picture was taken because it was pretty silly!)

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Bethany C. said...

Yay! Love it. What a good sport you are.