Saturday, November 8, 2014


When I had Prince Charming, my friend Becky brought over a lovely blue and white crib-sized quilt she had made for him.  Somewhere along the line, though, Peanut decided it was hers, which was fine since Prince Charming had other blankets and was too young to care.  Peanut named it her "Specially Blanket."  

Since we moved, the Specially Blanket has become an absolutely critical item.  Peanut has had a difficult time adjusting, and part of this has manifest itself in a death-grip on the Specially Blanket.  You don't get between Peanut and her Specially Blanket.  

Meanwhile, remember the Rabbit's Dwee-Dwee Blanket?  After I threw it away she would ask about it from time to time.  But she wasn't really upset.  Well, right after we got here to Utah I went to Target to get a few things and I remembered why I love Target.  They just have things that Walmart doesn't.  Including a much, much better selection of bedding.  And they had a sale on nice white microfiber comforters.  They also had some cute kids' bedding with horses and fairies and stuff on it.  And the Rabbit kind of needed a new blanket.  So I asked her if she'd rather have a colorful fun blanket or a plain white blanket she could dwee-dwee on.  There was no question in her mind.  

It's twin-sized, so it's not as cumbersome as the original, and it seems well-made so it should last us awhile.  In fact, it's incredibly soft and comfortable and the few times I have borrowed it I have wished for one of my own.  

Meanwhile, Roo still has and loves her "dress blankie," made by my mother and so named by Roo as a very small child because the little fairies on it (now too faded to really see) have beautiful dresses on.  

She says she's going to keep it forever.   Having the right blanket is important.  I am glad my three girls have blankets they love.

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Bethany C. said...

"Specially", "Dwee-Dwee", I love it! How insightful and sensitive to make sure your sweet ones have those special comforting objects. I'm sure it will help not only with the transition of moving, but having a new baby as well! We're still praying for you. Hang in there!