Monday, October 13, 2014

Missing Items

It happens every time you move: things turn up that you haven't seen for years and things disappear that you really need.

The disappearing part is especially true when most of your stuff is going in a storage unit.  Because of my limited health and the way everything happened, quite a lot of things got misplaced.  The Badger was able to take a huge load of stuff to storage that ended up here at the house when it wasn't supposed to, and bring back a huge load of stuff that might be what we're looking for here.  We went through all that, found a few things we needed, and took most of it back to storage.  Now our storage unit is absolutely jam-packed and the Badger tells me it will be hard to look for stuff in it.  We're on a waiting list for a bigger unit, or we could get a second unit, but in the meantime we are mostly okay.

There have been a couple of notable missing items.  The first is the dough hook for our Kitchenaid mixer.  Since we make a lot of homemade bread, this item gets used all the time.  We made sure to pack the Kitchenaid on the trailer for our first trip down here.  When we went to pack it, we couldn't find the hook-- even though it is always in an obvious place in our kitchen since it is used so much.  We figured the Badger would find it when he came back to pack the rest of the house but he never did and even though we figured one of our nice helpers stuck it in one of the kitchen boxes we have been through those and still can't find that dough hook.

Finally, this evening the Badger went to a kitchen specialty store in the area and bought a replacement.  Then he got right to work with it.  I am sitting here smelling homemade bread baking.  It smells wonderful.  I know a lot of people who knead their bread by hand, including my mother-in-law, but we go through a lot of bread and the time we save with the Kitchenaid makes a big difference.  And so does the money we save: I've been buying store bread for the last few weeks and it's not cheap for our family!

The other missing item might be a little more problematic.  As we were packing to leave, I put a big cardboard box in the middle of the living room floor.  In it I put every pair of shoes my family currently wears.  The day we left I made sure everyone had a good pair of shoes to wear on the trip and that every other pair of shoes they use was in this box.  It was supposed to go on the trailer, being a very high-priority item, but we ran out of room.  So I labeled it well, with a big neon green sticker directing it to the house and not the storage unit.  And I haven't seen it since.

So we're going to have to pick up a few pairs of shoes this fall.  Everyone is okay for now, but that will change as the weather gets cold.  I am the worst off in this situation: the only pair of my shoes I currently have access to are my Birkenstock sandals.  They are pretty much all I wear in warm weather, but they are also all I like to wear when I am pregnant, so even with the weather cooling down I am okay in them for awhile.  With two little nuclear furnaces in my tummy, it's going to have to get pretty cold before I am wishing for different footwear.

In time there will be more things we will have to go hunting for, I am sure.  Naturally, I hope that it will not be a long time that we will have to keep so much of our stuff in storage.  In the meantime, however, I am grateful to be here and I have received impressions that the Lord has set up this situation for me to teach me some certain things which I need to learn, so He doesn't want me wishing it away too quickly.  I have no idea what the future holds, but I do have faith that He does and that He has a plan for us.  And someday I will be unpacking all that storage stuff into a home of our own again and I will open a random box and there will be that silly dough hook.  And the shoe box will turn up and I will be able to wear my favorite brown boots again.  It will all be okay in the end.

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