Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Favorite Toys

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids with their favorite toys at Grandma's house.  The game "Loopin' Louie" is beloved by all the grandchildren (Louie the crop duster flies around and you have to bat him away from your chickens so he doesn't knock them over.)  Somehow after all these years it still works and hasn't been broken.... but it might be soon if I don't keep a careful eye on it because Prince Charming is absolutely in love with it and one-year-olds are notorious for breaking things.  But don't worry, all you extended family that read this: I will keep a careful eye on it when I do let them play with it.

And then they spend hours on the marble race.  They have begged me for years to buy them one of these but I won't because even though it is exactly the sort of brain-building toy I approve of if we owned one ourselves then the novelty of it being a special Grandma's House Toy would be gone.  It really is a fantastic activity though and I am glad they get to spend so much time with it lately.  

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