Wednesday, September 3, 2014


September is finally here.  It is one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the transitions that are occurring: the tail end of summer warmth mixed in with the crispness of fall, the bounty of the garden mixed in with the beginning of the changing leaves.  Because of a delicious spell of cooler weather recently, a few trees in town are already starting to turn.

The children are settling in to the school routine.  Activities are starting back up again, though we will be participating in less this fall than we have in the past.  Roo and Rabbit will be in the same ballet class, so that will be only one trip a week to ballet.  Roo and Fish will be in Children's Choir (Bean can't anymore because his voice changed.)  Bean has football, but it's after school at the school so it just means picking him up later.  Roo and Fish may be in orchestra and/or folk dance programs through the school... we're still working that out.  No more Cub Scouts: Bean and Fish will both go to Boy Scouts on Wednesdays nights so that is another way things have been simplified.  Come January we will simplify even further so I don't have to run around too much with two newborns in car seats.

Looking back over our summer and what I have blogged about over the past few months, there are a few happenings I want to make note of:

At some point during the summer we threw all the pacifiers in the house away.  No more binkies for Prince Charming, and no more Peanut and Rabbit sucking on his binkies.  There were a couple of rough days while Prince Charming figured out some new cues to help him sleep but now things are great and those dratted binkies are a thing of distant memory.

Early in the summer the trampoline broke.  One of the big thick metal joints snapped and one side fell down.  Luckily, the kids who were jumping on it at the time were not hurt.  The Badger said that it happened because the trampoline had been sitting on uneven ground.  We had always moved it around quite a bit and tried to keep it on level ground, but I guess the ground wasn't as level as it seemed.  We intended to buy a replacement part right away, but somehow never got around to it.  So we have not had a trampoline for most of the summer.  Oddly enough, the kids-- including Bean-- have never complained or bugged us about it.

Roo goes to sleep happily on her top bunk every night.  The Rabbit falls asleep in our bed, after which the Badger moves her to her bed when we go to bed.  Then during the night she migrates back into our bed.   Same with Peanut from her toddler bed.  Most mornings we wake up with Prince Charming, Peanut, and the Rabbit in our bed.  One morning I had a kid on each side of me and one draped across my feet.  I don't mind.  One day they won't be there anymore and I'll miss them.

That's the thing about kids.  It's amazing to look back six months, a year, and see how much they've changed.  How stages that seemed like they would never end are long-gone and forgotten.  How cute little mannerisms have been outgrown.  Look back longer than a year or so and you'll feel like you're looking at a distant dream, mostly forgotten.  That is why I am so determined to record as much of this wonderful, crazy journey as possible.

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Klari said...

We, too, have now outgrown our family vehicle. It has five seatbelts, and now that we have four children, there simply isn't enough room. We have felt that we just need to make do for now, though. In one more year, our oldest will be 16, and in a perfect world maybe could we hold on to the car instead of selling it to buy something bigger...
The biggest challenges actually come with the fact that our 12 yr old plays the cello. I can fit myself and all four children in the car, but then we must choose between the cello and the double stroller (which usually lives in the trunk). Recently the 12 yr old had an evening concert, and while the whole family can ride in my husband's truck (which has 6 seatbelts! Hooray!) we cannot fit all 6 of us and the cello in the truck when it is raining. Inconvenient though it is, this makes me laugh. :)