Monday, September 29, 2014

One Football Game

This was shaping up to be Bean's best year of football.  He was more engaged and confident than I have ever seen him.  This being his fourth season of tackle football he felt comfortable and like he really knew what he was doing (he was on the line like he always has been.)  He felt like he was working well with his team and he had really good coaches.  He was showing interest in other football games outside his own for the first time ever (he walked down to the high school a couple of times this fall to watch their games, which he has never shown an interest in before.)  And he was looking leaner and more muscular, and acting a little bit more disciplined.  As I have said before, football is never something I thought my kids would play, but it has been so good for Bean physically and mentally.  It was hard to take him away early in such a great season.  

He got to play three games before he left (and they won all three!)  I got to watch the second half of one of them, and I'm so glad I did.  I am happy that I have a few pictures of him playing this season.  

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