Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Goodbyes to Friends

On one of our last nights before we left our friends AJ and Julie came over.  AJ is a magician and he did a little magic show for the kids with Fish's help.  (Fish had big plans to be his apprentice.)

And then he did balloon animals for the kids.  They were so happy.  I think it helped offset the trauma and stress we were all going through.  Thanks, AJ!

Photo bomb!

(Thanks, Bean...)

I tried to get some pictures of the kids with their friends.  Here is Fish and his good friend that he hung out with all summer.  He was a really nice kid and it made me so happy for Fish to have a friend like this because he hasn't had a whole lot of close friends in his life.  They would ride their bikes and play on the school playground and put together magic shows in my basement.  The morning we left was a school day and this boy rode over on his bike at 7 AM in his stocking feet to say goodbye to Fish one last time before he had to get ready for school.  

Roo was best friends with the girl next door, who cried herself to sleep when she found out we were moving.  I loved watching these two play together.  They would play imaginative fairy games for hours in the yard.  When this girl had her birthday, her parents told her she could pick one friend to take on an all-day outing to the bigger town we all did our major shopping in-- the town where they have fun things to do like mini golf and Mongolian barbeque and Build-A-Bear at the mall.  She picked Roo and that's what they did.  It was one of the highlights of Roo's life so far.  These two are sad to be separated, but they see a silver lining: they get to be pen pals!

These are just a few of the wonderful people that we loved and had to leave behind.  We are grateful to have had the blessing of having them in our lives for a season.  

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