Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Big Yellow Symbol of My Life

The Badger has arrived with a big yellow moving truck jammed full of everything we still own.  Of course, as always, there were things we had to leave behind.  With a family our size you just can't fit everything on a 26 foot moving truck. 

The Badger and I had the same conversation the other night that we have every time we move... about how hard it is to weigh the costs of transporting various items versus replacing them, and about how much moving always sets us back financially.   And how we are always wanting so bad to just settle somewhere that we buy things and act like we're settling only to have to get rid of a bunch of stuff when we move: either the new stuff we bought or old stuff that has already made it through several moves.  And how hard it is to live providently with a big family when you're always moving.  
As much as we make careful lists about what to prioritize, when we get to the end we always wish we had loaded the truck differently.  Something just doesn't fit that we really would like to have more than some of the things that are packed way back there. 

This time the most notable things left behind were our couch and dining set.  The couch we agreed on from the beginning because it needed some repair, but it was still hard to leave because, well, if you've been with me for awhile you know the struggle I have had with couches over the years and what it meant to me to have a nice leather couch.  But it really couldn't be helped. 

The dining set was on our "maybe" list but in the end it was hard to leave it.  I kept meaning to do a post about it because it was so cool how the Badger made it himself to both be large enough for our big family and fit our narrow dining room.   It has worked so well over the last year, with the benches we could put down when we didn't need them.  It was perfect for our family in that house, but we have no idea where we will be next and if it will fit in that dining space.  Still, the cost of materials to build it ran us several hundred dollars, and there was all the time the Badger spent on it, so it was hard for him to just walk away from it. 

But we did keep the bunk beds the Badger made for the girls, and those will be useful no matter where we live. 

You would think that by now I would be used to seeing all my earthly posessions rolling down the road in a big yellow truck but it still freaks me out every time.  And so I never imagined that so many of the mileposts of my life would be marked by big yellow Penske moving trucks.  

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