Thursday, August 7, 2014

Up the Canyon

The Badger recently had a rare day when he was not on call.  Whenever this happens, he heads toward the mountains.  This time, we all went with him and we explored a canyon we had never been in before.  The scenery was beautiful, but we didn't find the picnic site we were looking for.  The canyon was too narrow for much development.  However, at the end of the road we found a little path down to the river and the kids spent a perfectly happy hour splashing and climbing on rocks.  This is the best kind of playground for kids!

Can you see the moon peeking out from behind the rocks?

Don't you love Bean's rock recliner?

This was cute.  Peanut had just gone potty and was getting dressed again.  Prince Charming handed her her pants.  How thoughtful of him!

At this point, the rocks were horsies.  

Peanut is so cute.  But when I take pictures of her they never look like her.  I took lots of pictures on this evening but I deleted most of them.  This one came pretty close so I kept it.

Fish obnoxiously pretended to pick his nose in many of the pictures.  

There's that cute little off-center hair point again.  

This is my favorite picture.  

Or maybe this one is.  

We haven't done much this summer, but we have had some good times.  

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Bethany C. said...

So, so precious! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.