Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Kids' Gardens

Gardens are just the best thing for kids.  So many life lessons to learn, and they get so excited when they can pick and eat something from their garden.  My kids may not have a long list of fun activities they did this summer, but they can say they grew a garden, and what's better than that?  

If I had been feeling well this summer, I probably would have hovered over them a little too much and made sure they did everything "right."  I would have gotten them to do more weeding (or probably done most of it for them.)  As it was, I couldn't do that, and that was probably the best thing.  Their gardens could have been more successful with my tutelage (micromanaging?) but this way it's theirs and they learned a lot from any mistakes they may have made.  

Here's Roo's.  She has had a hard time keeping up with the weeds, but she has had more to contend with than most of the kids.  Still, she has lettuce and zinnias and she should be getting cucumbers soon.  

Next over is the Rabbit's.  It's small, but she really packed stuff in there.  She has been able to pick peas, radishes, and chard so far.  She loves chard.  I love that about her.  I hated chard when I was a kid and now I love it, so I find a young child who eats it with gusto quite refreshing.  

Fish's garden.  He takes very good care of it.  He even remembers to water.  His cucumber plants are the only ones currently producing, and we have had many radishes from his plot.  And I can't wait to see what that tomato plant does.  It got quite a late start (end of June?) but it is thriving.  

And finally, Bean's.  I have been trying to get him to weed, since this is a Boy Scout project.  However, he doesn't get up early enough in the morning so he can work when it's cool (teenagers...)  He has been chipping away at it here and there and the parts he has weeded look really great.  He also has learned that taking the time to put in a little fertilizer when you plant makes a big difference.  Next year he will probably use more fertilizer.  However, he had great success with his peas, he has a bumper crop of lettuce, and we are all enjoying the cherry tomatoes from his plant.  

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