Saturday, August 9, 2014

School is Around the Corner

It dawned on me the other day that school is starting again soon and I'd better get planning. 
For the public schoolers (Fish and Rabbit) there are supplies to buy, papers to fill out, calendar items to fill in, and clothing needs to assess and shop for. 
For the homeschoolers (Bean and Roo) there is curriculum to select and purchase, schedules and timelines to plan out, and  paperwork to fill out (regarding the limited relationship they will have with the public schools.) 
Meanwhile, my entire house is a disorganized clutter heap.  The homeschool stuff in particular has been scattered and buried.  
But I thrive on organizing and planning.   So although my energy is limited, I find this stuff exciting and not overwhelming as long as I do it in small chunks.  I worked this morning on straightening up the living room, including the homeschool shelves.  I made some lists.  (I love lists and I love checking things off lists.)  I sorted through some bags of hand-me-down girl's clothes that a kind neighbor dropped off (I don't need to buy jeans for Roo and Rabbit this fall!  Yay!) 
I also gave Roo a math placement test.  I am going to use Horizons math with her like I did with her in first grade.  She did great on the readiness test for the 3rd grade level and what's more, she worked very diligently and independently.   And then she begged to get started on homeschool today.
I thought long and hard about whether I should homeschool any of the kids this fall since I am low on energy, but with Roo all I will have to do is give her a list of stuff to get done each day and she will do it.  Bean will be more of a challenge but as I pray and ponder I feel clearly that he needs to continue to only go part-time to the junior high.  We have decided to have him on the school football team so that he has more structure and discipline in his life.  This will be our first experience with school sports and all that entails, such as traveling to away games.  It will be interesting,  I'm sure.
I am looking forward to the start of school, both the public school and our homeschool!

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