Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Little Things to Remember Years From Now

The way they're always saying "take a picture of me!" at odd times and then pulling silly faces.  Especially Peanut at this age.

The way we always bought enormous five pound blocks of cheese.  And how the kids liked to help grate it.  (Do you see Prince Charming in this picture?)  And we will look back at the stuff in our house-- "I remember that old cheese grater and how it was broken on one side!"  "There's that beat-up old high chair we all sat in as babies."  "I remember how Dad made us that table and benches for our dining room in that house."  

And the messes and piles of clutter that always seem to be everywhere when you have a lot of little kids. Rarely was that dining table clear during this period of our life. Cheese could not be grated without getting bits of it all over the counter.  There were always, always things on the floor.  (Including and especially cute toddlers!)

What else will we see when we look at these pictures years from now?  Only time will tell, I suppose.  Right now this is our reality, but someday life will be very very different and this will be our nostalgia.  

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