Friday, August 29, 2014

Home Decor

We have now lived in this house for a year, and most of the walls are still bare.

Art on the walls is very important to me.  So important, in fact, that I get a little obsessive about it being just right.  When we moved in here I thought that lots of my old wall hanging standards were a little tired, or outdated (especially family pictures.)  So I hung a few things and set the rest aside, intending to freshen things up a little before I hung them up.  I also have all these big dreams of wall art I would like to acquire or put together: like a big wall with individual pictures of ancestors arranged in pedigree chart fashion.

Also, when we moved in the landlord said the house needed painting and we were welcome to paint the interior walls to suit our tastes.  Now, is that awesome for a rental, or what?  I have picked out paint chips for the master bedroom and bathrooms, but that's as far as I've gone.  All last winter I was focused on organizing so many boxes of things that we have hauled through all our moves for years and mostly needed to be tossed.  I got a lot done there and I am so pleased with that.  Then when it was time to think seriously about painting I found out I was expecting.

So here we are a year later and the walls are still white and mostly bare.  There is a big picture of a waterfall above the couch because it came with the house-- it covers up a hole from a projector for a home theater system.  It looks fine so I left it there.  But the walls above the piano, dining room table, and shoe rack in the foyer are still sadly empty.  The upstairs hallway has a ton of possibility, but it also is blank.  Oh, and the girls' room is almost completely undecorated.  I can't make up my mind there: pale green with flowers and fairies or pink and white with a chair rail, or....

Meanwhile, Peanut and Prince Charming are incurable wall scribblers.  We have never had any of the other houses we lived in so well-decorated with pencil and crayon and marker.  I don't know what it is.  When Bean and Fish were small it was easy to keep the coloring implements out of reach, so perhaps that was why the walls in our early houses remained clear.  In Kansas we had a little trouble, mostly from an incident when we had some friends over and all the kids together decided to get artistic on the downstairs walls.  That was tough because the rental had flat wall paint, which is hard to clean marks off of.  Our landlord was a little unhappy when we moved out, but that's what they get for painting the walls with flat paint, says I.  But I just don't remember a lot of marks on the walls in Oklahoma, even though we had a billion little kids running around and pencils and crayons left lying everywhere by the older kids.

So I think it's just a personality thing with Peanut and Prince Charming.  I think they just really like to draw, and they see all this white space everywhere...

And they fill it up.  There are scribble marks everywhere.  And it's flat paint so I can't just magic-eraser it away.  But, I have leave to repaint at any time and if I don't the landlord will do it when we move out.  So no one is going to be upset about this.

And really, I think it's kind of cute in a way.

But I hope I get a bout of nesty-ness and energy at some point during this pregnancy and get some more painting and picture-hanging done.

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