Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting Ready for School

All the shiny new homeschool books have arrived in the mail.  I am very excited about them.  There's just nothing better than piles of new homeschool books.  I was also able to pull out some old books from boxes in the basement and get excited about them again too-- some old favorites and some that we have never used until now.  I have been putting together weekly task sheets for Bean and Roo so that they know exactly what to do every day... the hope being that even if I have a bad day they can still get most everything done on their own.   

Bean has started football at the junior high.   I still can't stop chuckling about the idea of a child of ours playing football.  Who'd have thought he'd be out there with all those kids who grew up i homes where football was taken very seriously and was religiously watched on TV?   It's right for him though and I am excited to watch him play.  He is one of the tallest on the team, though there are several that weigh more than him.  And he is 5'8" and 177 pounds in 7th grade! 

Bean and I were also able to meet with the fantastic counselor at the junior high to get his schedule set up.  He will be there for three periods this year: math, band, and one other elective that will change each quarter.  He will have the chance to learn some guitar and some woodworking and some other things.  I am feeling very optimistic right now about school for him this fall.... I hope I am not setting us up for a huge disastrous crash.  However,  lately I have been making sure he gets his supplements (vitamins,  Omega 3's) every day lately and I am noticing a difference.   His brain is "on" more.  I hope this means he will be able to handle those task sheets I am making for him.  

We've had letters in the mail from both Fish's and Rabbit's teachers at the school introducing themselves.  Fish will have the same 5th grade teacher Bean had and I like her a lot.  She is very technology-oriented and I know Fish will enjoy learning those skills.  I had wanted my Rabbit to have the same 1st grade teacher Roo had... Mrs. R meant a lot to me as we transitioned into the public schools that year.  However, the Rabbit has been assigned to Mrs. S.  I am hearing the most amazing things about Mrs. S.  I think she will be just what the Rabbit needs to continue to thrive and be challenged and love learning.  I am very excited about this.  I actually can't wait for the Rabbit to go back to school because she needs that stimulation.   And I just can't keep up with her at home. 

One of the hardest things for me this summer while I have been so ill has been that both the Badger and I have been more reactive than proactive in our parenting.  This is because we have both been so mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted that we have not done as good as we would like at directing the kids postively, actively teaching them, and following through with things.  For the most part, our parenting has consisted of responding to problems as they arise, and not always with soft, kind voices either.  I am hoping that school starting will help with this.  The ones going to public school will get a lot of needed structure.  The ones home with me will get more structure than they've had lately because I will commit to spending my mornings schooling them and they won't be able to just run off and do whatever they want like they have been all summer. 

I am glad they had so much time this summer for unstructured imaginative play.  I think that was a wonderful thing for them.  But now I think we are all ready for some structure and some formal learning. 

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MKMT said...

Dear Cousin, your darling littles are SO fortunate to have you. Even when you don't use the softest voice - I go to your blog for renewed hope and JOY in parenthood... Don't forget to cut yourself some slack. You are pretty amazing.