Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August Garden

It's time for another look at my garden.  Overall, I am so amazed at how it's doing.  It is far better than any garden I ever had in Oklahoma, and almost as good as my Idaho gardens.  Almost.  Probably the reason it's not is that although my garden has received a disproportionately large share of my energy I still have not had it in me to give it everything it needs.   Proper watering has been the biggest issue. 

My little herb garden really shows this.  While the plants are all still alive and growing a little bit, they are not thriving like they would if I had watered them enough.  

June was so cool and rainy that watering wasn't necessary, but in July I dropped the ball.  Now I am trying to make up for that.  Some plants, like the beans, immediately responded very favorably.  Others, like the corn, are permanently stunted.  And even my zucchini plant isn't quite everything it should be.  (I made sure I only planted ONE zucchini.  One is plenty.)

I have had the best lettuce patch I think I have ever had.  It has been so prolific that I haven't been able to eat it all fast enough and now it's starting to bolt.  And kale-- I have never been able to grow kale successfully before, and this year I have a great patch of kale.  

My bean tower is just as charming and useful as I dreamed it would be when I bought it back in Oklahoma.  (Things that are both beautiful and functional make me so happy!)  Oklahoma and my bean tower did not get along, but here things have worked out exactly as they were supposed to.  Any day now I will be drowning in green beans (and I will post my favorite way to eat them.)  

My tomato plants are gorgeous: thick, jungle-y, overgrown, and covered with large tomatoes.  (I could have done a better job training and pruning the vines, but oh well!)  Most of the fruit is still green, but today we found four small red tomatoes, which the Rabbit picked with great glee.  

Here's what we picked this morning: four tomatoes, two zucchini (I watch that plant like a hawk so I can pick them when they're small!), one smallish green pepper, and a handful of kale.  And Peanut, of course, is loving on it all.  I think I was wise to give her a vegetable nickname rather than an animal one: I have never met anyone else who likes to cuddle produce like she does.  Some friends gave us a huge zucchini the other day and she has been wrapping it up in a baby blanket and mothering it.  Kids are so awesome.  

I am excited for what the next month will bring.  We are just beginning to reap the bountiful harvest that we have worked and waited for.  

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