Friday, August 29, 2014

An Easy Solution

There is a malady called Restless Leg Syndrome that runs in my family.  I suffer from it when I am pregnant.  It is a very odd and very obnoxious thing: when you are trying to fall asleep at night your legs feel all twitchy and like they just want to move.  It sounds really strange unless you've experienced it, but if you have you know it's pretty hard to fall asleep when this is going on.

I researched it on the internet when I was pregnant with either Bean or Fish.  There is no one cure: from all the differing sources I read I found that what helps one person doesn't do anything for someone else.  In fact,  it seems that sometimes the thing that makes it a lot worse for one person is what cures it for another.

When I was pregnant with Fish, my friend clued me in to a natural remedy for those horrible painful leg cramps I also sometimes get when I am pregnant.  I started taking it and discovered that not only did the leg cramps completely stop but the restless leg syndrome disappeared as well.

It's called A to B Calm and it's basically calcium and magnesium in a format that is assimilated by your body very quickly.  You mix the powder with boiling water.  Once it's dissolved I cool it down with ice cubes and add a little juice.  I make it up at bedtime and if I forget and go to bed without it and can't sleep because of the RLS, I go make myself a cup and I'm asleep in minutes.  

I bought this jar when I was pregnant with Fish and it's only now almost gone.  Yeah, it lasted me awhile.  

Calcium/magnesium really seems to be the ticket for me with RLS.  I have discovered in more recent years that if I am diligent in taking a good cal/mag supplement daily I don't get the RLS and I don't need to make a cup of Calm at bedtime.  But I often forget, or run out, or whatever, and my jar of Calm is always there to help me out.  

There are so many discomforts of pregnancy and so many times it is hard to find a solution that even eases the discomfort, let alone takes it away entirely.  I am so grateful that this malady is so easily cured in my case.  


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Oh! I have terrible restless legs, and it gets so much worse when I'm pregnant! Thanks for this recommendation. I have 1 or 2 remedies that I've taken in the past, but I'm always nervous about taking anything when I'm pregnant. If you've taken this one while pregnant more than once, I'm willing to trust your recommendation.

The Christian lds Wife said...

Oh me too, I have horrible RLS, it seems to be hereditary in my case with both my Mum and Grandmother suffering terribly. It was simply horrendous in my pregnancies but I get it outside of pregnancy (I think when I am anaemic, although I cant be sure about that). I have ordered a trial size of this (x10 sachets), to see if it helps. If it does, I may have to fly over from Scotland and kiss you haha.
Valerie xxx