Thursday, July 24, 2014

Traditional Birthday Food

Every year we ask Fish what he wants for his birthday dinner and he always says "chicken noodle soup."  It's his favorite, favorite food.  The Badger thinks this is so weird because in his mind birthday dinners should consist of party food like pizza or barbeque, so he always tries to talk Fish into doing something else.  But Fish is adamant.  Chicken Noodle Soup It Must Be.  I have to say, we make pretty good chicken noodle soup around here (we like it creamy!) so I enjoy Fish's birthday meal.   And so does he.

It's been five years now since I started making this amazing chocolate cake for Fish every year.  This is a tradition I really look forward to because this cake is absolute heaven.  It is my perfect chocolate cake recipe frosted with chocolate whipped cream.  Most years I decorate it with a yummy rich chocolate frosting, but this year I was tired, so we improvised with Legos and M&Ms.  

For Bean, it has been something of a tradition to have lasagna.  The Badger definitely considers this a party food because it takes all day to make and Badger Lasagna is incredibly yummy.  This year he really outdid himself making it in a huge pan that held almost two lasagna's worth of ingredients.  It was a masterpiece, but it was so thick it took forever to bake.  We were all so hungry and we could smell it and it was torture. But when we finally got to eat it we all agreed it was the Badger's best lasagna ever.  

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Amanda @ BedTime Quilting said...

Could you share your chicken noodle soup recipe?