Saturday, July 26, 2014


I just took a batch of bread out of the oven.   It felt good to bake again,  though it may be the only thing I get done today.   It's hard to say whose bread is better these days... mine or the Badger's.  He has baked dozens of loaves over the last few weeks and he has become extremely efficient at cranking out lots of good bread pretty quickly.  He shelved the natural yeast for now since it is more time consuming.   But baking our bread is kind of a must around here.   We go through store bought bread like water and our food bill skyrockets.  Once you get in the groove it's not really a big deal to make it yourself.  However, the Badger is seriously low on gas lately and so I am trying to get back into bread baking to give him a break. 

Bean spent all week at Boy Scout camp.  He said he had a great time.   He earned merit badges in First Aid and Horsemanship, and is very close to finishing a couple other merit badges that I can't remember.  I am glad he is gaining these skills and having these experiences.   I sure missed him while he was gone though. 

Fish has been spending a lot of time with his friend from the next street over.  I am so glad to see Fish with a good friend.   Fish is a very unique person and we have raised our kids outside the main stream of popular culture,  so for him to find someone who likes the same kinds of things he does is just fantastic.   Mostly lately they have been working on learning magic tricks and putting on magic shows together.  I attended one yesterday.   It was very entertaining.  

As I sat watching that magic show, I looked over at Roo, Rabbit, Peanut, and Prince Charming lined up on benches watching and I thought how great it is to have a big family.   It's so nice to have a whole gang of kids around when you want an audience for a show or to play a group game. 

Prince Charming was sick this week with a virus.  He often would only sleep when he was right next to me with his face pressed against mine, his arms wrapped tightly around me, and his little hands clutching my hair.  I loved the feeling of those little arms and hands holding on to me so tightly.   I am treasuring these last few months where he is my littlest baby.  He is such a sweetheart.  He is going through that fun language explosion stage.   My favorite word of his is "goh-ghi-goh," which means popsicle.  

Fish just brought me lunch in bed so I will end this for now. 

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