Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Getting back on my feet has been a very slow process.  I got so excited when I hit the second trimester and started to have times when I felt well.  But at 16 weeks I still spend a huge chunk of the day lying down. 

However, I felt almost completely normal this entire morning!  It was so neat! 

Good things are happening.  Today my awesome stylist friend came over and I got a badly-needed haircut.  For the last two months I have needed a haircut desperately but the idea of trying to drive to the salon, sit in their chair, and chit chat with the stylist was completely overwhelming.   I don't know why I didn't think of my friend sooner but what finally made me call her was Peanut finding a pair of scissors again.   She needed a stylist to do a very short pixie cut and make it actually look good (the Badger was talking about getting out the clippers and giving her the same cut he gives the boys).  So I called my friend and in the end three of us got haircuts: me, Peanut, and Prince Charming.  Yes, I will post pictures soon. 

So that was a huge load off my mind.  Another was when the Badger got a new lock installed on the girls' closet that they can't open so I was able to clean up their room again and lock everything up this time so they can only have a few things out at a time... the wonderful system was have used to keep things under control for years until they figured out the latch. 

And then a wonderful woman from church showed up on our porch this evening with dinner!  I can't tell you how grateful we are.  The Badger has done nearly all the cooking for over two months now and he is Burned Out.   Yesterday I ordered pizza because I could tell he just didn't have it in him to cook.  And I was seriously calculating how much it would cost to order pizza every night for a month (too much!) when Sister R showed up with casserole and cake.   And another friend is bringing food tomorrow.   Just to give the poor exhausted Badger a couple days off is huge.  Thank you, nice people! 

Sometimes it's so hard to know how to serve, or how to ask for help.  People have sometimes asked me what they can do or to let them know if they can help, but it's not always easy to know what to tell them.  Sometimes when people show up on your porch and say "here's dinner!" it's just exactly right.  Maybe sometimes that's not the right thing and you should ask first, however most of the time I don't think you can go wrong with showing up on someone's porch with a pot of soup or a casserole.  I am thinking a lot about this because the day will come when I will be the one who is able to serve and I am trying to learn now how to do that well.  I want to repay all the kindnesses that have been shown to me over the years. 

There have been so many times that I knew someone was having a hard time but I wasn't sure specifically how to help so I didn't do anything.  I feel bad about that.  I am watching and learning and trying to figure this out so I can know better what to do in those situations.  Service does not come natually to me but I have a deep desire to help others.  I have so much kindness to repay after all the times I have moved and all the babies I have had. 

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Courtney said...

When I was pregnant with my twins the ward brought dinner in 3 times a week from about 25 weeks on. It was Heavenly. Don't worry about having to repay- smile and be grateful that's all the payment most people want :)
I learned a lot about service from being the one being served. Enjoy your family and enjoy those babies. You will have many many more years to serve other it's okay to take a few years off.