Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Month Later

On June 12th I posted about my garden, saying I couldn't wait to see how it looked in a month.  I realized this morning that it's July 12th, so I took some pictures of my beautiful garden.  I can't believe how happy my tomato plants are!  The potatoes are doing great too, and the pole beans are starting to climb up their strings.  The transplanted strawberries are bouncing back.

I opened up some tomato cages and used them for pea fences in the little strip of dirt between the sidewalk and the garage.  Those peas are coming along!  It's still so weird to me how behind everything is here because of our short growing season.  So even though my friends in other zones are picking tomatoes already, I am happy with how things are coming along.  We just have to wait a little longer.  

Meanwhile, the kids are learning and having good experiences in their gardens.  Even though Bean was super stoked about his garden going into the season, I have a hard time getting him to thoroughly weed his plot.  He picks at it, but never really gets the job done.  However, in his defense, it's a pretty large chunk for a kid and the dirt in some places has lots of clay and is hard to weed.  So really his garden is doing pretty well.  

Fish loves to take care of his garden and make it look absolutely perfect.  He has been able to harvest some nice radishes so far, and that makes him happy.  This little piece of ground is just the right size for him and the dirt is not as hard here, so he does have an easier time than Bean.  

Roo's little garden sits in one of several places that is completely infested with bindweed.  We were starting to get that under control when we had a huge purslane outbreak.  So she's had more than her share of weeds, and they grew a lot during this last week while she was at day camp.  So now I am helping her clear them out.  It's a slow process getting all those itty bitty purlsane plants separated from the itty bitty carrots and broccoli and things, but we're getting there.  She and the Rabbit have also been enjoying picking radishes and bringing them to me.  I enjoy eating them.  

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