Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July

I have no pictures of our Fourth of July this year. It wasn't our best Fourth, as you can imagine.  
The Badger planned to barbeque, so we could at least do something festive.  He makes awesome hamburgers (I love you, cow-in-the-freezer!) 
Most of the day, though, both the Badger and I were totally wiped out.  I see this a lot with my dear Badger lately: he has been doing nearly everything around here for more than two months and he is physically and mentally weary.  A couple of times a day he has to just go lay down on the bed and listen to some Piano Guys.  They are very good for both relaxing and recharging at the same time.  Thank goodness for the Piano Guys.  
Anyway, he finally did get the barbeque put on at lunch time and it was yummy.  I managed to make some coleslaw (I am easing back into the kitchen as sous chef) and later in the day I managed to put together a strawberry rhubarb cobbler,  which ended up being dinner.  So we ate well. 
And then in the late evening we pulled ourselves together enough to attend the local fireworks display.  We are not crowd people even under normal circumstances,  so we found a lovely place to park where we could see the show from a mile or two away and then make a quick getaway when it was over.  The Badger, Bean, Fish, and the Rabbit sat on top of the van.  That was a highlight for them.  And everyone loved the fireworks.   That is why I dragged myself out of bed: because fireworks are magical for children.  It's such a simple thing that makes them so happy.  So at least they have something wonderful to remember about the holiday. 

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