Monday, July 21, 2014


The bunk bed for the girls is absolutely perfect and they sleep on it happily.  I snapped this picture of them early yesterday morning.  (Coordinating bedding is on my wish list, but in the mean time at least they're comfortable.)  

Oh, Badger, you genius!  Thank you so much!  Especially for painting it, which I know was a pain.  But it really looks great.  

Roo loves her top bunk.  She feels like it's her own little space where she can hang out and do things like make those little rubber band bracelets that are the current tween fad.  However, both Peanut and Prince Charming have no problem climbing up to the top and do so frequently, so I keep telling her that she shouldn't try to keep special stuff up there she's trying to keep away from the babies.  After the novelty wears off they probably won't go up there so much anymore and she can have it more private.  

Oh, and the mattresses are great, in case you were wondering.  I've laid on the Rabbit's bed and it's very comfortable.  I could totally sleep there.  

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Melissa said...

I've pinned sheets around our bunk bed ladder to discourage kids from climbing. It works very well for a mild one-year-old... Not as well for an older child or a tenacious little one! But they often lose interest by that point anyway! ;)