Thursday, July 17, 2014

Building a Bunkbed

The bed situation in our home has been a little inadequate for awhile.  The problem that we have is that every time we move we end up getting rid of as much as possible, especially of bulky items, and that ends up being the old junky stuff we were given for free, which is usually beds and dressers.

Since we moved into this house, Roo and Rabbit have had to share one twin mattress that sits directly on the floor.  Bean and Fish did this for years... in fact, when I had separate beds for them they would still sleep together in one of them, so it hasn't bothered me.  But we knew that eventually the girls would need a bunk bed.  And Bean's mattress is not very comfortable, so there was that issue also.  Plus, we've been getting a lot more company around here lately than we used to when we lived in Oklahoma and we have been dreaming of a bed in the downstairs office that we could use for company or for when the Badger or I wanted to take a nap somewhere Quiet.  But it's not like we have lots of extra cash sitting around, so we had to wait for some really good deals to come along.

The Badger recently discovered these interesting mattresses on Amazon.  They shipped them to you tightly compressed and rolled up, but they are "real" mattresses with springs.  They were on sale for a really reasonable price (we paid even less than what they're listed at today), so he bought one (twin-sized).  We were very impressed with how comfortable and nice it was for being so inexpensive and being shipped in a roll.  So we bought another one.  And the Badger decided it was time to get serious about a bunk bed for the girls.

When we first moved to Oklahoma, I bought a bunk bed off Craigslist for the boys.  It ended up being one of the best things I've ever bought because it is incredibly sturdy.  Most of the bunk beds I see in stores, unless they cost more than $500, look like they wouldn't stand up to two active boys monkeying all over them.  But these are like a rock, and they will last through their teenage years.  They were hand-made, and the Badger said the design was very simple and could easily be duplicated.  So he decided to make the girls' bunk bed.  I think he is so totally awesome, and the girls are very excited that they will soon have a new bed.

Meanwhile, the neighbors had a garage sale and sold us a queen bed set for a great price.  Now we have a guest bed downstairs too!  It is really nice to know that all my kids will now have adequate space and comfort at night and we have room for guests as well!

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Hurrah for solid bunk beds! My husband just built a set of triple bunks for my medium girls. They're fabulous!!!