Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Sweet Memory

It was the spring of 2010.  We were living in Utah.   Every Friday I would take my kids to a homeschool P.E. program that met at Utah Valley University.  Bean and Fish would do P.E. activities while Roo and Rabbit and I would mingle with the other homeschool moms and their small children. 

There was a mom there that had twin girls about 8 months old or so.  Every week she would have them there in a double stroller with cute bows in their hair. 

Four-year-old Roo had never seen twins before.  She was absolutely enchanted.   Every week after we got there and got settled she would come up to me with her eyes shining and quietly ask, "mom, can I go see the twins?"  I would tell her yes and she would shyly and quietly walk over near them and just Look for a long time. 

Knowing that twins run in my family I had always wondered if someday I would have them (or maybe deep down I always knew?)  And so these little encounters made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I would tell myself, "well, if I do have twins someday then I know Roo is going to be a marvelous older sister to them."   Sometime during that spring I discovered I was expecting Peanut and I wondered if I was expecting twins.   I hoped I was.  But, no, and it was for the best at that time.  

But now I am.  And they are going to be completely adored by this entire family. 

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