Monday, June 30, 2014

The Dwee Dwee Blanket

Back in 2008 (when we were living in Kansas) we needed a new comforter for our bed.  I went to JC Penney during their best sale and got a white faux-down microfiber comforter.  I was very happy with it.  It seemed to be decent quality but not so nice I would be mad if the kids did bad things to it (one needs to expect this of everything one buys when there are kids in the house!)  And white can be bleached. 
It wasn't long before the stitching started coming apart.  Nothing is made like it used to be, is it? 
It was still okay for quite awhile as it slowly unraveled.  But one day I looked at it and decided it was time for it to go.  It looked pretty shabby.  
However I found I could not throw it away.   The Rabbit had just adopted it.  It was somehow now her most special blanket.  She has a million baby quilts and blankets, but it was the soft microfiber fabric that attracted her to this comforter.  
I have heard of many little kids that like to rub fabric in their fingers as a soothing mechanism,  but the Rabbit was my first child to do so.  She even gave this action a name: dwee dwee.  As in, "this is a good blanket to dwee dwee on."  It's an onomatopoeic description of the sound the fabric makes as you rub it, you see. 
So the white comforter was now Her Dwee Dwee Blanket and heaven help us if she didn't have it at bed time.  Being queen-sized it was ridiculously huge for her little self in her little bed at nighttime,  but there was no getting around it.  And there was no way I could throw it in the trash. 
Thus it remained for a few years.  The dwee dwee blanket got more and more tattered.  It began to develop holes and it had permanent marker stains. 
Just now it came out of the wash in complete shreds.  Completely unsalvageable.  Roo says it's because Rabbit and Peanut were cutting it with scissors recently.  Well, there you go.   I finally have a solid excuse to get rid of the thing once and for all. 
In general I support children having special objects.  I don't even care if they love them to ugly ratty tatters.  But I'm not so wild about it when they latch on to something that was a ratty tatter destined for the trash to begin with, especially when it's large.  However I did my best to be supportive because it was important to my little Rabbit. 
The dwee dwee blanket lived a good long life.  I am sorry for the Rabbit's sake that it is ruined.  I shall have to buy her another microfiber blanket that she can dwee dwee on, but I will find one that is more her size and that has good tight stitching. 

For a picture of the Rabbit sleeping with her Dwee Dwee Blanket, see this post from last November.  From the position of her hands I'd say she fell asleep dwee-dweeing on it.  

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Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

What fun memories you'll have of that blanket! :) My mom tells me that when my special blankie died I switched over to carrying cloth diapers around wherever I went. It seems that those diapers must have been far more transportable and convenient than a whole blankie.