Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mine is the Morning

The sun comes up mighty early this time of year in these parts.  I was feeling proud of myself for establishing a better getting-up time during this last school year-- I now wake up for the day about 6:30.  But right now at 6:30 the sun has been up for an hour and I feel like I'm off to a late start.  

The air is still nice and cool at 6:30 though.  And first thing in the morning I usually feel pretty okay.  So this is the time I go out and work in my garden.  

This has become my happy hour in my happy place.  There are all kinds of birds singing and everything is bright and fresh.  I feel so alive out there with my hands in the dirt.  As long as I mostly stay sitting down I can work out there for a couple of hours.  And there's plenty of weeds to pull sitting down.  

It was an adventure clearing out the front planting area, which had been a thriving perennial garden two years ago and then sat empty and weed-choked all last summer.  As I pulled out the weeds I discovered a few perennials that had survived: tickseed, leopard's bane, some strawberry plants.  I also found some things that I could not tell whether or not they were weeds or intentional plantings.  I decided to leave them alone and see what came of them.  

There were several bushes of lupine.  I still don't know whether these were planted intentionally, as they are an abundant wildflower in these parts, but they are gorgeous so I left them alone.  

Another mystery plant grew tall and handsome and put out promising buds, which then produced very unattractive flowers.  The kids said they'd seen it growing in the wilds near our house, so I dug it up.

Meanwhile, I never get tired of the miracle of growing a garden.  You put out all these seeds and you wonder if they will grow and then one day you go outside and... potatoes!



There's something new every day.  Today I saw zucchini and broccoli peeking out of the dirt.  Still no sign of quite a few things, like the corn.  And carrots.  I still don't have the knack for good germination of carrots.  I probably just need to keep them more moist, which is a challenge for me.  Anyway, this is what my garden looks like as of this morning:

So, my three tomato plants... I put them all in wall-o-waters when I planted them mid-May.  We had a couple of thunderstorms with very strong winds and all of the wall-o-waters blew over except one.  There was no frost on the forecast so I didn't worry about putting them back up, but when I went to put up the ladders I noticed the huge difference in size between them.  So I stuck this one's ladder down inside the wall-o-water and now this plant is twice the size of the others.  I should have done this from the beginning: put the wall-o-waters around the ladders.  Then they wouldn't have blown down.  Next year.  

So, the backyard portion of the planting bed has been divided up among the four older kids.  It will be a weedy mess and things will get dug up and picked prematurely and trampled, but everyone will learn and have fun.  

I can't wait to see what this looks like in a month!

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