Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last But Not Least

Today we get to talk about Bean!

In the last couple of months Bean's voice has taken a huge dive.  When I heard about voice changing I always heard about embarrassing cracks.  His voice never cracked.   It just went down, but it's not done going down yet.  So right now he sometimes sounds like a foghorn.  It's so weird. He is faking it through the rest of the year with choir by singing falsetto but this will be the end of his children's choir career.   Alas.  He had such a lovely boy soprano.   I can't tell yet whether he will be a tenor or a bass... maybe a baritone.  And I am sure it will be beautiful.  

He's doing a lot of changing lately, actually.   He just looks older.  Like a teenager.  It's so weird to watch your kid go through puberty, with all that entails.  Moodiness, zits, and all that. 

We took a break from school when I started feeling so sick.   We had several books we were almost finished with that I will make him work through once I am feeling better.  I hope that is soon.  Boy, he got really lazy really fast when I dropped school and became too ill to ride herd on him all the time.  (He really takes after his mother, who was about the laziest teenager alive.) 

But really, even though he sleeps in and lazes around reading fantasy novels he has done so much to help around here lately.   He babysits, he does lots of dishes, he fetches me things and cooks me lots of tasty things.  He makes quesadillas just the way I like them.  

He did great in his two classes at the junior high this year.  His band teacher loved him to bits (so respectful and polite) and he did great with that trumpet.  Earned an A plus.  In math they don't use the traditional grading scale.  He earned a 3, which means he was competent with all the material.   He got all his work turned in, mostly on time.  I was very proud of him. 

We're going to do the same thing next year with him for school.   He may go slightly longer days at the junior high but it will still be mostly homeschool.  

Over the last few weeks Bean's ability to focus and follow through on tasks has taken a huge dive.  His brain seems to be "turned off" so much of the time.  I started noticing this a few weeks before I found out I was expecting.   He has struggled with this over the years but mostly he has slowly improved, especially when I have been conscientious about his nutrition.  Lately there has been a massive backslide.  It corresponds with the time when I got lazy about giving the kids their vitamins every day.  So I have high hopes that once I get Bean back on a consistent daily dose of a high-quality vitamin he will improve drastically.  (This has been the case in the past.)  It's tough when your oldest child can't follow through on simple tasks.  The only way he gets anything done lately is when the Badger rides herd on him.  When he does,  Bean does great things.  I am committed to doing all I can to help him with these brain circuitry problems so that he can maximize his potential.

I really appreciate Bean's skills with small children.  He is so marvelous with Prince Charming, who absolutely adores him.  I also appreciate his "native cheery temperament."  Even with the moody teenage hormones hitting him his default mood is cheerful.  That is such a blessing to me. 

Bean has had a hard time with friends lately.  He doesn't really have any close friends here and that has been wearing on him.  I feel bad about this.  He is such a friendly, people-oriented person.   There is one boy he is developing a friendship with, who comes from a very nice and very busy family.  It has not been easy to get the two of them together.  I hope we can do more with that this summer.  I also let Bean call his best friend in Oklahoma fairly often and talk. 

Bean has really enjoyed being in the Civil Air Patrol.  It has been very good for him to learn military discipline and courtesy.   He marched with them in a parade recently, carrying a flag, and that was a good experience for him. 

He has some great experiences to look forward to this summer.  He will finally get to go to scout camp for the first time (last year he missed the cutoff by a couple of days).  He is going on a high adventure trip to Canyonlands in Utah with my brother and his boys.  That is going to be awesome for him. 

Bean is such a great kid.  He is true-hearted, generous, and naturally accepting of others.  He is unusually mature and trustworthy in certain ways.  The older he gets the more he is away from home and when he is I miss him tremendously. 

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