Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fish Crosses the Bridge

Last month Fish earned his Arrow of Light and crossed the bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  This is a big deal, and as a former Cub Scout leader I really really appreciated the work these leaders put in to making this a memorable ceremony for the boys.  It was really awesome.  They called them up to come sit around the fake fire with this cool Native American music playing and they talked very solemnly about what it means to be a Boy Scout.  It was great.

Then they had a really cool bridge for them to cross and the boy scout leaders met them on the other side.  I didn't get pictures of that, so I had Fish do these for me afterwards:

I remember when Fish started Cub Scouts.  Four years ago.  

What a great journey it has been.  I look forward to the years of Boy Scouts ahead!

(Aren't my blog posts so much more fun with pictures?  I am getting these put up only because I gave the baby my digital camera to play with.  Yes, it is bad for him to have the camera.  But it's one of those lesser-of-the-evils things that are always cropping up in parenting.  I am keeping an eye on him and the camera and he's so enthralled that he's not trying to climb all over me and bang on the computer.)

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