Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

If there is any dad in the world right now who deserves a shower of praise, gifts, affection and pampering, it's my Badger. 
However, we're going to have to take a rain check on Father's Day this year.  I woke up with a bad headache.  I hope this means my morning sickness will be wrapping up soon... headaches are usually the next stage.  Anyway, he took the girls to church and I was supposed to follow later but I never made it there. 

I did feel well enough as the noon hour neared to sit on a stool in the kitchen and make macaroni and cheese and heat up some corn.  Go me!  I was pleased with myself for making the Badger a Father's Day meal, which he was not expecting at all.  I know he doesn't really like macaroni and cheese, but he pretended he did and he really appreciated that when he got home from church he didn't have to make food for the kids. 

But then he told me that he was getting a headache too, so the two of us have spent the afternoon laying down and trying to rest while simultaneously trying to keep a bunch of very active little kids under control.  It hasn't really been a great day.

Oh, dear Badger, I wish I could bake you a strawberry rhubarb pie and make homemade ice cream.  And rub your feet and bring you a big pile of fun and exciting gifts.   You have been the most faithful, loving, diligent father,  especially lately, when you have been getting very little in return.  But please know how much we all love and appreciate you... and one of these days you're going to get what you deserve.    

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