Sunday, May 18, 2014

Steak and Birthdays

Today is a stay in bed day and I have already gotten to the point where I am sick of all my usual diversions (Sudoku, crossword puzzles, Facebook...)  So, I said to myself, how about blogging?  I am feeling too blah to write an organized, themed blog post, so I am just going to write whatever comes to mind. 
We just had a very nice meal.  My birthday is coming up this week and the Badger is going to be gone that day.  So this morning he asked if we could have my birthday dinner today.  Honestly, in my current state celebrations have very little pull.   I really don't care about my birthday at all.  And sweet things taste icky to me so I don't want cake or anything.   However, I really love a good meal.  One of the few times I actually feel good in a day is when I am in the process of eating. 
Last month we bought half a cow from a local rancher.  I love having a freezer stuffed full of quality beef.  A couple weeks later another rancher friend was having hogs butchered and asked us if we wanted one.  We got one of his smaller ones (because that was all that would fit in our freezer) and now we have a lot of meat.  This works out well with the way I eat when I'm pregnant.   We order pizza a lot less often. 
So today it was steak.  Throughout the course of our marriage, we have just about never eaten steak.  Until we started buying half cows locally the only beef we ever ate was ground because it was all we could afford (and when I was on any kind of a health kick we didn't eat it at all because commercial ground beef is eww).  The first half cow we bought was entirely grass fed and the steaks were tough so we ended up usually putting them in the crock pot.   But this, our second half cow (I think it's funny to talk about half cows... can you just picture one grazing in a pasture?) was put on grain through the winter, which makes it slightly less healthy but, truthfully, yummier. 
I am rambling.   This is fun. 
So, anyway, the Badger had pulled some really beautiful steaks out, which made us feel very posh, and he has been reading a How To Barbeque Properly book.  And so we had a lovely steak dinner.  I got a great pasta salad dressing recipe off Pinterest (oh, I love you, Pinterest!)  and I managed to sit on a stool in the kitchen long enough to measure the spices, olive oil, and vinegar into a shaker.  The kids helped chop olives and lovely organic veggies from my last Bountiful Basket and we ended up with an amazing pasta salad.
I am grateful that I can still enjoy eating.  
Thank you, Badger, for a nice birthday meal.
So then it dawned on me that I am turning 35 and now I am feeling kind of weird about that.   That is starting to sound old.  Oh, okay, I know it's not old, but it's close to the beginning of old.  It's to the point where I don't want to talk about my age anymore. 
I love the quote from Marjorie Hinckley where she says that her favorite age was fifty.  She was old enough to have stopped caring what people thought and young enough to still do pretty much anything.   Sounds good, and I am still 15 years away from that point.  
But I am still starting to feel a little bit old.


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

You're not old--not even a "bit." :) I hit 42 this weekend. I had my most recent baby (#7) at 39.5, have lost 3 babies since he was born, and still feel the pull of missing spirits from our family. It's probably the pregnancy hormones talking because you have lots of young, beautiful, happy, happy years ahead!

Annalea said...

Oh, I love this post! Please ramble more often . . . and 35 was an interesting birthday for me, too. I was no longer "early thirties", and creeping up on "late thirties". This year I officially enter (dun dun dun), The Late Thirties. 38.

Strange stuff, this life we live. lol