Wednesday, May 21, 2014


First, a word about my morning sickness....  I always go into pregnancy with a battle plan.   "This time it won't be so bad because I am healthier, I am eating better, and I have done more research.  I am going to use X and it will make me feel better."  This time I had gotten some information about magnesium and how getting enough of it will ease morning sickness.   (Also avoiding sugar because your body uses up lots of magnesium when it is processing sugar.)  I looked at some of the things I have taken in the past early in pregnancy-- things that have high doses of B vitamins,  for instance (because B vitamins were one cure I tried), and found that these products have little or no magnesium.   I also found that a liquid mineral supplement I have been taking on and off for the past year or so has lots of magnesium in it.  Bingo! 

So this was my battle plan: magnesium, essential oils,  more protein and less carbs, gentle exercise, and a good vitamin of course. 

And everything pretty much played out like all my other pregnancies. 

For the first week or two of feeling icky, I feel like I have things under control.  What I am doing seems to make a difference.   Yes, I feel queasy, but it is manageable.  I can still do what I need to do.  The vitamins and supplements seem to help.  If I am starting to feel really gross, a small protein snack sets me back on track.  Exercise is feasible.  In short, I feel like what I hear everyone else talking about when they talk about morning sickness and how to manage it. 

And then it happens.   It's like I got hit by a truck.  I am so sick I can't function most of the time.  Nothing I do or don't do, eat or don't eat, seems to make a dent.  I watch for patterns so I can figure out what takes me from "partially functional at times" to "curled up in a ball and can't even move" and I just can't see any corollaries.  Nothing makes sense, and when you're that miserable it is hard to be proactive about taking care of yourself.  The only time I feel good is when I am eating or sleeping, so of course I do as much of both of those as I can.  Because it's all about survival.  

I didn't mean for this to be a gloomy post.  I just needed to explain where I am at and why ginger and saltines and whatever all else are everyone's go-to pregnancy survival items just don't work for me.  I do like to hear ideas though because sometimes there's one I haven't tried yet and I still believe that someday I will find something that makes me feel better. 

Yesterday was a better day, after three or four days where I didn't get out of bed much.  Yesterday I felt well enough to take Fish and Bean to their children's choir and then later go to Fish's last Cub Scout pack meeting. 

As I drove around town I was elated.  Right now, spring is in full riot.  The Hawthorne trees are exploding with pink, several other blossoming trees are going crazy, and the lilacs are starting to bloom.  And there is fresh green everywhere.  The weather is magnificent and the cool air smells of blossoms.   It is glorious! 

A couple weeks ago I was feeling grumpy and frustrated that I had to be so sick at this wonderful time of year that I love and enjoy so much.  I was upset that I wasn't able to enjoy it fully.  But then I decided to change my thinking.  If I am going to be sick for awhile, isn't it wonderful to have all this beauty around me to cheer me up and lift my spirits? 

I love springtime.  I am grateful for the warm sunshine,  the blossoms, and the chirping birds.  They help offset the challenging time I am going through right now. 


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I am so sorry, though, that you have been experiencing such awful morning sickness. I was there a year ago, myself, and I remember it being such a HUGE trial, and now I can hardly remember how hard it was. Isn't that crazy? That's how morning sickness and pregnancy and childbirth are though, don't you think? Every single time I try to convince myself that it wasn't really that bad, and if I do x and y this time, it will be so much better. Which is why I totally got what you were saying about morning sickness, magnesium, and etc. I guess, for some of us, there's just no getting out of the ickiness of first trimester (or the pain and discomfort of 3rd trimester!)

So I pray that you'll get through it, one day at a time, and that you'll be able to keep your beautiful positive attitude and still enjoy some of that beautiful spring in your corner of the world! (There really isn't spring here in southwest Florida where I live. Waaaa!)

I enjoyed catching up on your latest posts!

Diane said...

Sorry you are so sick!